Enjoy Intense Illumination with our LED Flood Lights
LED flood lights are perfect for when you need a broad angle of bright light such as is necessary in many warehouses, workshops, gardens, back yards and other large dark areas.
A wonderful investment for many reasons
Firstly, like all light emitting diode lighting equipment, they last a lot longer than regular lights. Common statistics state they run about twenty times longer than standard fluorescent, incandescent and halogen bulbs. They’re also smarter! They give you warning when they finally do need to be replaced so instead of dying on you unexpectedly, these lights begin to dim, indicating that the bulb will soon require changing. They are extremely durable and can sustain a fair bit of knocking around without the risk of breakage. These flood lights function even in freezing temperatures as they are not affected by different and extreme climate conditions. Each of the aforementioned reasons contributes to saving owners a considerable amount of time, money and effort.
Secondly, they are extremely safe and will not produce heat like other standard light products, which heavily reduces the likelihood of electrical accidents and fire risk. The fact that they are very hard to break is another reason why they are considered the safest lighting option available to consumers.
Thirdly, they conserve electricity and do not release toxic and harmful carbon emissions. This is a benefit to the environment and the health of the general population.
Exceptional range and great value
Everlite have a range of the best range available at very reasonable prices. Browse our range below and discover how we can help satisfy your requirements, regardless of your industry or business size. We will deliver your order to your doorstep, quickly and securely. Our dedication to customer satisfaction means we take the time and care to ensure your package will arrive in perfect condition. There is nothing more frustrating that ordering a product and having it arrive unusavble. This won’t happen when you buy from the team at Everlite.
Speak to us today for further information
Get in touch with our team by calling us on (02) 8084 5915 and talking to our helpful and friendly staff. We have many years of experience in the lighting industry, enabling to provide expert advice and help you get exactly what you require.

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