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    Enhance your Outdoor Lighting with LED Garden Lights Our LED outdoor lighting collection consists of lights designed especially for a wide range of individual needs. Whether you require garden lights for a patio, spike, deck, pond or any other landscape design – Everlite has the perfect product for you and we are offering it at a wonderful price. With premium light emitting diode technology, all our outdoor lights are extremely durable, and because they are manufactured specifically for outdoor use, they can handle the Australian weather at its best and worst. Waterproof outdoor lighting Our Everlite pond light is resistant to water and or dust. It also incorporates anti-corrosion technology and consumes very little power so it is ideal for lighting under water areas like fountains, swimming pools and aquariums. We also offer a large range of IP68 weatherproof Strip Lighting that can also be used for these conditions. Flood fixtures – the perfect option Everlite flood lights for outdoors are equipped to handle all sorts of weather conditions and environments where there is a lot of dust and other harsh elements. These are great for patios, gardens, and a range of other outdoor areas. They range in brightness depending on the wattage you desire, allowing you to create the necessary lighting or ambience effect. Either way you will save money in the long run with our solutions for your outdoor areas. All of our products can be purchased online and shortly after you will be contacted to arrange pickup or delivery. If you elect to pay online using your credit card, your card details are not viewed by us or by any person except you, at any time during the transaction. They are encrypted and passed directly to the Bank through our security provider PayPal. We do not retain your credit card details. Any other information you provide at the checkout, such as comments or survey responses, are used to better plan future items to add and developments for the web site. Your privacy and security is incredibly important to us and we will continue to ensure that we have the very best and most up to date technology available to ensure that we can do business in a safe and secure manner. Our shopping cart technology is PCI certified and our website is regularly scanned by Symantec to detect vulnerabilities or Malware. Contact us today For further information, call our team in (02) 8084 5915. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and devise the ideal solution to your needs.  





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    The Widest Range of LED Track Lights in Australia Everlite boasts an impressive collection of track lights and downlights. Our range gives customers the option to choose different finish colours and track types, dependent on their aesthetic and mounting preferences. Our detailed individual product pages will provide you with lots of information to help you decide which track light is right for you, or alternatively, it may make you aware that an architectural downlight would suit your needs better. Top-quality track lights at the very best prices Everlite only stocks premium lighting equipment and we have included many product pictures so customers can visualise what the final, installed product will look like in their desired setting. With so many to choose from it is important that our customers are able to make the right decision without feeling overwhelmed, which is why we have our website arranged it with easy to follow categories. Everlite Online’s buying power enables us to give our customers the lowest prices across our entire range. We take pride in helping people create the lighting systems they dream of, for far less than they would pay elsewhere. Some of our top sellers are: The Victoria With a design that blends seamlessly into contemporary, minimalist style environments, and advanced technology that allows it to focus and adjust light intensity as required, the Victoria series is truly world class. Versatile and visually appealing, as well as able to rotate and pivot to create a huge number of lighting options, it’s no wonder it makes our best sellers list. The Villa With the ability to zoom in and out to both small and large beam angles, creating light that can span over many different surfaces, the Villa series is flexible and versatile. It offers a mini version as well as the standard size. The Eye Known for its practicality and classic design, this downlight is perfect for those who regularly need to adjust beam, angle and brightness, a best seller for customers with restaurants and bars searching for that architectural look. Look through all the options below. Get in touch today and find out more Talk to our friendly and helpful staff for more information about any of our products. We have the experience and expert knowledge to offer genuine, honest advice and help you get your lighting up and running. Call us today on (02) 8084 5915 and we will be happy to have a discussion about your requirements, or leave your details in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as we can.




  • EV3023-1-Watt-recessed-LED-Downlight-Cutout-18-25mm-white-IP20-web

    1 Watt Architectural Mini LED Downlight Cut Out 18-25mm

    1 Watt Architectural Mini LED Downight, Cut Out 18-25mm. Available in Warm Candle Light and Warm White. Driver is not included.

  • EV1601-1.2watt-led-wall-light-ip65

    1.2W LED Wall Light IP65 100x100x80mm

    1.2W LED Circular Wall Light. Available in Warm White and Day Light.

  • EV1604-1.2watt-led-wall-light-ip65

    1.2W LED Wall Light IP65 120x120x100mm

    1.2W LED Square Wall Light. Available in Warm White and Day Light.

  • EV1603-1.2watt-led-wall-light-ip65

    1.2W LED Wall Light IP65 145x45x68mm

    1.2W LED Rectangular Wall Light. Available in Warm White and Day Light.

  • EV1602-1.2watt-led-wall-light-ip65

    1.2W LED Wall Light IP65 94x94x80mm

    1.2W LED Square Wall Light. Available in Warm White and Day Light.

  • EV2003-1.4watt-led-wall-light-ip65

    1.4W LED Wall Light IP65 171x106x65mm

    1.4W LED Rectangular Wall Light. Available in Warm White and Day Light.

  • EVW15B00-1.5watt-led-wall-light-silver-full

    1.5W LED Wall Light IP40 93x93x32mm Porcelain White Silver Black

    1.5W LED Square Wall Light. Available in Warm White, Cool White and Day Light.

  • EV2402-1.7watt-led-wall-light-ip65

    1.7W LED Wall Light IP65 171x106x75mm

    1.7W LED Rectangular Wall Light. Available in Warm White and Day Light.

  • EV3014-10-Watt-recessed-gimble-LED-Downlight-Cutout-75mm-white-chrome-IP20-Dimmable-web

    10 Watt LED Down Light Kit Cut Out 75mm, 750-800 Lumens Dimmable

    10 Watt Recessed Gimble LED Down Light Kit, Cut Out 75mm, High Brightness 750-800LM with Anti-Glare deep set frame and Frosted or Clear diffuser. Available in Warm White, Cool White and Day Light, comes complete with fully dimmable LED Driver, flex and plug.