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The Latest Technology in LED Emergency Lights
Everlite has a number of different emergency lights and related equipment in our range including, but not limited to:
Spitfire light
The Spitfire range is right up there with the best and most advanced models available to the Australian public. They are made from superior materials which cause them to operate for long periods of time without burning through energy – resulting in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly product available at competitive prices.
Exit sign
Our emergency signs are made to the highest standards of quality, and designed to be long lasting and very cost effective. Exit signs are heavily used for ceiling and wall mounting all over the world and have become a mandatory safety measure that people have come to expect in any public place or place of business. Our Exit Light range comes in a variety of different fitting, including wall or ceiling mounted, weatherproof fittings, suspended architectural fittings or perhaps black for theatres and cinemas.
We also stock a range of other products
All products come with our Everlite factory warranty so you can be assured that when you buy from Everlite, you’re getting a quality item that will last. Click on your item(s) of interest for more detailed information about that particular product.
Why LED emergency lights are the way to go

Cheaper to run due to their energy efficiency, light emitting diodes operate at lower temperatures, meaning energy is converted to light, not heat. This leads to lower electricity costs as less energy is required to create the same amount of illumination as a traditional bulb.
This type of lighting is known for its lifespan as it does not rely on a burning filament. This means that they require replacing less often, another money saving advantage.
Improving technology means that this type of lighting can now be found in many places traditional bulbs could never reach. Due to their thin, lightweight construction, LEDs can be used for a variety of industrial applications, as well as integrated into architectural elements of buildings.
Reliable and resilient, these lights are impervious to shock and vibration, with nothing to shake loose or break. Their ability to operate with a minimum of power and in demanding conditions makes them ideal for mining and oil projects, exploration and other harsh environments.

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